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Ballot Initiatives

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In the wake of the 2016 election, it has become painfully clear that there are significant problems with the United States’ electoral process. We face crucial challenges across the board—we need to fix our gerrymandered districts; we need to balance our campaign finance system; and we need to ensure the core integrity of our elections system. There are number of organizations working on these issues, but two critical challenges are more important than others: securing the right to vote for all citizens, and ensuring that our presidential candidates are open about their conflicts of interest. We will bring these issues to the ballot box in  2018, and let voters have a say in directly fixing these issues.

What Are We Doing? We will advance two ballot initiatives. First, a uniform Automatic Voter Registration initiative will ensure that the state will automatically register all of its citizens to vote. And second, our TRUMP Initiative will require all presidential candidates to disclose their prior three years’ federal tax returns to state officials prior to being listed on the ballot in the state.

  • Automatic Voter Registration – At its core, automatic voter registration turns voter registration from an opt-in process to an opt-out process. The state already has all the needed information to register most voters, and it should not require citizens to fill out yet another form to vote. Instead, our initiative ensures that the state’s various departments talk to each other and prepare a voter registration for all citizens in the state, and then allow citizens an option to opt out if they want to. This process have been very successful in states that have used it, conservative and progressive alike.

  • TRUMP Initiative – The public has a right to know whether a candidate for the Presidency has divided loyalties. And states have the right to require candidates for president to provide information that can let the public know. Our initiative requires any candidate for the presidency to disclose their complete tax returns for the prior three years if they want to be listed on the ballot in that state

We will place these initiatives on the ballot in key swing states.