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Campaign for Free College Tuition Taskforce

In January 2015, shortly after President Obama announced his America's College Promise proposal, the Campaign for Free College Tuition hosted a Free College Summit in Washington D.C. The summit included remarks from former Governor James Blanchard and former Governor Michael Castle as well as a keynote address from Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell

As a result of this summit, five taskforces were created to take a deeper dive into various areas. Each taskforce is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Please take a moment to look at the taskforces and sign up for one, or more, here.

The taskforces are expected to meet telephonically two or three times before the next Free College plenary, with calls initiated by the Taskforce Chair or CFCT staff.

The taskforces are not expected to come back with one clear position to urge on the entire group. Rather they are to develop more background and options in their assigned areas to provide more focused conversations at the next meeting. If they do favor one option over others, the Chair can so indicate.

At the next plenary, in addition to considering the taskforce reports, the group will consider follow on steps to determine whether a coalition can be built and, if so, around what set of principles and advocacy strategy.

The taskforcesare explained below. You can sign up for one or more taskforce here. 

  • Taskforce 1: How to pay for free community college tuition?
  • Taskforce 2: What should be the requirement for states to participate in a federal initiative to make community colleges tuition free?
  • Taskforce 3: What performance metrics should be used or required to gauge institutional effectiveness?
  • Taskforce 4: What can be done to address the non-tuition costs of college attendance?
  • Taskforce 5: What are the remediation, mentoring and other non-monetary elements needed to effect the cultural change required to increase both college access and completion?