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Debunking Republican Health Care Myths

Posted by Steve Schram on April 19, 2016 at 10:48 AM

Originally published on April 19, 2016 on The New York Times by The Editorial Board.

Central to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has been the claim that the Affordable Care Act has been a complete failure, and that the only way to save the country from this scourge is to replace it with something they design.

It’s worth examining the big myths they are peddling about the Affordable Care Act and also their ill-conceived plans of what might replace it.

Millions of people have lost their insurance: In January, Mr. Cruzclaimed that “millions of Americans” had lost their health insurance because of the health reform law. He even claimed to be one of them, saying “our health care got canceled” because Blue Cross Blue Shield left the individual market in Texas.

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