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Deloitte Survey Finds Most Millennials Expect To Leave Current Employers by 2020

Posted by Dustin Robinson on February 01, 2016 at 11:13 AM

Originally published on January 31, 2016 on Forbes by Frances Bridges. 

Deloitte released their 2016 millennial survey, and they found that two in three millennials expect to leave their current employer by 2020. One in four millennials, if given the option, would leave their current employer this year to join a new organization or try a different career path. The figure increases to 44% with a two year time frame. Two of every three surveyed hope to have moved on by 2020, and only 16% see themselves with their current employer in a decade. Millennials were surveyed in 29 countries, emerging and developing, and 64% of millennials in the United States alone expect to leave their employers in the next five years.

Among the main reasons why millennials are looking to leave is a lack of leadership experience. Seventy one percent of those who said they would happily leave their employer in the next two years reported they were unhappy with the lack of development in their leadership skills. Among the more loyal responders,  they were more likely to cite a lot of support/training available for leadership roles, and that younger employees were actively encouraged to aim for leadership roles as reasons why. The responders who are ready to leave are more likely to say that they have been overlooked for potential leadership positions, and/or that their leadership skills aren’t being fully developed.

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