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Demand transparency from President Trump

Posted by Dustin Robinson on May 10, 2017 at 11:38 AM

By firing FBI Director James Comey, President Trump has laid bare his contempt for the rule of law and the urgent need for an independent investigation of the influence of Russia on our most recent election, his administration, and his family's finances.

Apparently President Trump will attempt to stifle anyone seeking the truth, but there is an important way we could solve this crisis. The American public needs to demand President Trump’s tax returns.  

Add your name: Demand transparency from President Trump on his tax returns and business dealings.
While this action reminds us of the worst of President Nixon, let us remember that even Nixon provided his tax returns for independent investigation. President Trump seems unwilling to meet even this standard.
NLC Action has launched a campaign for citizens in states across the country to require the President to disclose his tax returns.

This might be the only way we learn the truth.