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Democrats lose big in statehouses, too

Posted by Matti Miranda on November 18, 2014 at 10:54 PM

Since the midterm election of 2014, the conversation of the state of the democratic party and its future has really generated deep reflection. Here is another article on this topic from Steven Shephard for POLITICO, published on November 6, 2014. 

Tuesday’s Republican midterm wave also rippled across the nation’s state governments, with the GOP grabbing three governorships and majorities in at least 10 new legislative chambers – further tightening their grip on the levers of power at the state level.

Republicans will hold 31 of the country’s 50 governorships next year – perhaps 32, if late-counted ballots push Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell ahead of his independent challenger, Bill Walker. They will also hold between 67 and 69 of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers – more than at any point in history, according to the Republican State Leadership Committee.

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