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A Conversation on Inequality and Opportunity


Detroit and the Midwest region have under gone a period with much economic turmoil which effects every member of these communities. From access to a quality education to jobs, the midwest is getting serious about understanding the political pitfalls and reinvesting in the community.

A Conversation On Inequality and Opportunity

May 14, 2016

Roberts Riverwalk Hotel
1000 River Pl. Dr.
Detroit, MI 48207

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Registration: $25 (includes lunch)
Special offer: All NLC Alumni $15 registration (includes lunch)

Current NLC Fellows register at no cost here

The Building America’s Communities conversation will provide a comparative analysis between local issues and the issues the region and the nation are facing; the conversation will convene local and national leaders and experts to critically analyze the current context of various social justice issues impacting Detroit, greater Michigan, and the midwest, and propose and share evidence based policy solutions to these challenges. 

The day of panels, keynote speakers, and networking to work toward solutions to revitalizing our communities will be attended largely by alumni of the NLC Institute, and cohosted with the NLC Detroit Chapter.