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Free College Call with U.S. Under Secretary of Education

In January, President Obama laid out his America's College Promise proposal to make community college tuition free. Now, Campaign for Free College Tuition (CFCT) invites you to join them along with Under Secretary Ted Mitchell, the Department of Education official who oversees policies, programs, and activities related to postsecondary education, adult, career and technical education, and federal student aid, on a conference call to ask questions and learn more about the issue.

Learn more about how America can work together to reach CFCT's goal of free public college tuition in all fifty states. On this call, you’ll get the insiders' view of President Obama's strategy, and CFCT's plan to expand on his initiative to help America achieve free college tuition for all.

The Under Secretary will be actively listening and we would love to hear from you. Can you make sure your voice is heard? Ask questions in advance via Twitter to @freecollegenow. Use the #CFCTcall hashtag and we'll make sure they get answered on the call. 

Learn more about CFCT:

CFCT is currently forming Taskforces to take a deeper dive into various areas on the free community college initiative. Each taskforce is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Learn more, and sign up for a task force, here:

March 03, 2015 at 8pm - 8:45pm
Matti Miranda

(202) 885-9234