People. Progress. Results.

Innovating our Communities


American society is a fabric of American communities. Where our communities are strong, we are strong; and where they are weak, we are made weak. We are committed to mending the fabric of torn communities in our country, and building new and lasting communities across it. Innovating the way we sustain and create communities is an essential part of the NLC Millennial Compact with America. We are proposing essential actions and reforms to help re-build communities, to lift up undeserved peoples, and to provide more access and opportunity in our society. Some of our key proposals include:

  • Creating a 21st Century Justice System
  • Addressing systemic Inequality in Underrepresented Communities
  • Protecting LGBT Rights
  • State of Climate Change
  • Managing City Growth and Displacement
  • Rebuilding rural-area economies
  • Securing equality between all genders
  • Protecting an Inclusive, Immigration Culture