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Innovating our Democracy


America was born in the most radical act of democracy the world had ever seen. Our American story since then has been to constantly empower more of our citizens to have a voice in our governance. In the wake of the past elections, building a 21st Century Democracy is even more urgent. NLC’s Compact authors will provide a detailed action platform for building a  more transparent, accessible, and responsive democracy. A few key issues include:

  • Reforming the campaign finance system;
  • Revitalizing journalistic norms;
  • Increasing civic participation rates;
  • Removing barriers to office for underrepresented communities;
  • Redistricting reform;
  • Ranked choice voting;
  • Automatic voter registration;
  • Building a Digital Governmental Infrastructure
  • Re-enfranchising individuals convicted of felonies
  • Building a modern, compressive civics educational curriculum