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NLC4 Launch Announcement

Posted by Matti Miranda on November 20, 2014 at 5:31 PM

Dear NLC community,

I want to announce the next, major step with NLC4, New Leaders Council’s 501(c)(4) organization that will educate, promote, and network promising leaders in the progressive community and conduct and provide research with the results to advocate for programs, legislation, and other social action that will benefit the community.

NLC4 -- the hub for progressive information and advocacy

NLC4 will make it so that the millennial generation receives topical information, connects and strategizes on issues, all while promoting NLC alumni in the process.

How is vast information generated by think-tanks, thought leaders, elected leaders, and journalist across the country sent to the energetic, excited, and fearless progressive population? Through NLC4.  If you come across a story that you think members of the NLC community would benefit from reading and having us post on the NLC4 site, please send the link to the story to .

We wanted to send you this update today.

 Please don’t spread the word until Monday, but today, will you… 

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Along with sharing important articles, white papers, and other thought pieces on the issues that matter most to millennials, NLC will also have:

  • Analysts: those that contribute to the pieces posted on the site; and
  • Team Leads/Members: those who contribute either through leading or participating in Innovation Groups that work on the issues listed on the site

Details of what it means to be an Analyst, a Team Lead, and a Team Member will be coming home. We hope that take the opportunity to get in on the ground level – allowing you to have founding influence on NLC4 and the advocacy it produces.  And information of our launch event will quickly follow that!

Stay tuned for the eblast Monday 12/01 and get ready to tell everyone about NLC4. We know that this is a critical next step – after our Fellows go through the NLC institute, they continue to organize and mobilize, working on important issues and legislation, now with the support of NLC’s advocacy organization – NLC4.


This is big.


Mark Riddle

NLC4 President