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Is a Pro-Bush Super PAC Obscuring Its Spending?

Posted by New Leaders Council 4 Admin on October 08, 2015 at 10:38 AM

Originally published on October 7 on CNN by Carrie Levine.

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Paid family leave bursts into 2016 presidential race

Super PACs are supposed to be both transparent and independent from the politicians they are supporting.

But it’s not clear that Right to Rise USA, the super PAC formed by Republican Jeb Bush prior to his presidential bid, is either.

The super PAC’s biggest single vendor this year through June is a mysterious limited liability company, LKJ, LLC, whose owners are hidden behind the state of Delaware’s opaque registration laws. The company doesn’t appear to have a website or a physical office.

It’s only known address: a Washington, D.C., post office box — one it shares with a company run by Heather Larrison, the national finance director for Bush’s official presidential campaign.

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