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Marco Rubio talks economic innovation but forgets workers

Posted by New Leaders Council 4 Admin on October 08, 2015 at 7:22 AM

Originally published on October 7 in the Boston Globe by Michael A. Cohen.

I went to hear Marco Rubio speak in New York Tuesday about his economic plans for America. It’s quickly easy to see why his political star is ascending — he’s certainly polished and non-bloviating in his demeanor. Compared to his competitors in the GOP race little of what he has to say is notably scary — unless you dig a little deeper below the surface.

Rubio focused his remarks on the on-demand economy — Uber, Airbnb,, and others that use online platforms to connect consumers to freelance workers. Rubio said such companies represent the kind of cutting-edge innovation that “only American free enterprise could produce.”
While Rubio was big on platitudes he was lighter on specifics. He railed against “burdensome regulations” but provided little insight into which regulations were so burdensome. Much of what he had to say was standard Republican fare — presenting big, impersonal government as an impediment to economic tranformation and calling Americans “the most innovative, creative, and productive people on earth.”

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