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Millions of Americans Are Poised to Get Better Coverage at a Lower Cost as the Healthcare Marketplaces Open for Enrollment

Posted by Samantha Lewis on September 05, 2014 at 3:37 PM

Healthcare market places will begin open enrollment on November 15. Diane Palmer considers what nurses know about the effect this will have for millions of Americans.  

As a nurse, and chair of the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare, I want to correct any confusion about the Affordable Care Act and the opportunity millions of Americans will have Nov. 15 to shop for health insurance plans.

Americans have said time and again they are not interested in repealing the healthcare law, but in making it better. My fellow nurses and I won't stand by while extremists confuse millions of Americans as the healthcare marketplace is about to open. We've heard their partisan rhetoric before about repeal of the healthcare law. Americans do not want the Affordable Care Act repealed, weakened or dismantled--they don't want control of their healthcare put back into the hands of insurance companies.

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