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NLC4 Analysts

NLC4 Innovation Analysts


NLC4’s Innovation Analysts are the core of the community. Analysts provide up to date data and commentary on leading progressive issues and work day in and day out each of the key policy areas that directly affect the Millennial generation. As an analyst, you will have the opportunity to work at the forefront on progressive advocacy and research, as part of the NLC4’s Advocacy Groups. Analysts contribute informative articles, white papers, and other thought pieces to share with the broader community through the NLC4 website. Also, Analysts participate in the meetings and workshops that will lead to progressive change nationwide.

You can sign up to be an analyst in the following NLC4 Issue Areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Economics & Fiscal Affairs
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health Care
  • International & Foreign Policy
  • Justice Issues & Legal Policy
  • Labor
  • Millennials in the Electoral Space
  • Urban Development


  • 1-2 articles per week on one of the Issues identified by NLC4, for 12 months (from more than one source)
    • With each story, NLC4’s Analysts should explain its relevance or importance to the community and provide an analysis of potential impacts
  • Participation in monthly policy calls (schedule TBD, starting early 2015)
  • Participate in NLC4 polling studies/focus groups in the respective issue


  • Bio and headshot listed on NLC4 website as Analyst for respective Issue
  • Participation in NLC4 events
  • Participation in NLC regional conversations
  • Publish (after review from NLC4 staff) personal works on respective Issue on the Issue page on

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