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NLC4 Launches Women's Policy Team

Posted by New Leaders Council 4 Admin on August 07, 2015 at 5:54 PM


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August 7, 2015


NLC4 Women's Policy Team

Promoting equality. Preparing leaders. Inspiring innovation.

Just a few months ago, we announced the formation of NLC4: the action and policy arm of the NLC community. Since then we have been busy forming Policy Innovation Teams focused on bringing the larger progressive community to the table to rally and discuss policy solutions around some of the most critical issues our country faces.

Today we are excited to announce the first-ever launch event for an NLC4 Policy Innovation Team: the Women’s Policy Innovation Team.

The NLC4 Women's Policy Innovation team unites the New Leaders Council community
in advancing the economic security of women and girls, and championing
equality by inspiring innovative, progressive policy leadership.

The NLC4 Women’s Policy Team and the launch event are being steered by fantastic women of the NLC community from all over the country. The Executive Committee includes Emily Dulcan, Washington, D.C.; Alise Roderer, New Jersey; Erin Belitsikus, Pennsylvania; Holly Smith, California; Meg Mandy, Nebraska; Myra Lee, Michigan; and Angélique Roche, Elizabeth Adams, Chelsea Davis, New York. We are honored to have NLC Vice Chairwoman of the Board Claire Silberman as Honorary Chair of the event and of the Policy Team.  We look forward to announcing other members of the NLC Community to join the event planning committee, and to serve as Chairs of the Policy Team.

The NLC4 Women’s Policy Team launch event is on October 3rd and 4th, 2015, in Brooklyn, New York. Save the date in your calendar and be sure to stay tuned for more information so you can reserve your spot!

October 3, 4
Brooklyn, NY
Women's Policy Team Launch

We look forward to sharing more information with you about the launch event soon.