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NLC4 Announces Lyft as Innovation Economy Partner

Posted by New Leaders Council 4 Admin on April 12, 2016 at 1:07 PM



April 12, 2016

Contact: Matti Miranda,, (202) 885-9234


New Leaders Council Progressive Action Initiative (NLC4) today announced its partnership with Lyft, Inc. as part of its Building America’s Innovation Economy Project. Through this partnership, members of the New Leaders Council (NLC) community will continue to craft big ideas for dynamic economic growth through the Innovation Economy Project’s policy papers. NLC4’s partnership with outside experts such as Lyft will provide deep insight for the policy paper research, policy briefings, and further dialogue with the authors, NLC alumni, and the progressive community.

Lyft is a values-based company that has been a leader in the innovation economy. Through this partnership, NLC will collaborate with Lyft to better understand its socioeconomic impact, especially as it pertains to decreasing inequality, as well as its effect on cities and the environment. Our policy discussions will be play an integral role in shaping the progressive way forward when considering the broader innovation economy.

“As someone who is dedicated to fostering new ideas, I am excited that Lyft, a major influence in today's new landscape, is teaming up with the NLC community to craft new ideas for the innovation economy.  Lyft's leadership is already shown in their projects driving ride share access in underserved communities and having a nearly 50% female executive team -- I am very excited to see what this partnership will come up with next.” Chris Kelly, NLC4 Chairman

"Lyft is thrilled to be partnering with NLC4 to work with community leaders on smart policies to promote the innovative economy.  As a company that provides safe and inclusive transportation options as well as economic opportunities for communities across the country, Lyft shares NLC4's goals of using technology to benefit society." Joseph Okpaku, Lyft VP of Government Relations

 Short articles will be published prior to the finalization of the papers, and will contain developments of our research. The policy papers will be presented in at NLC’s National Leadership Retreat in Washington D.C. held July 14-16.

If you are interested in participating in the NLC4 Lyft partnership, or want to learn more, please contact Matti Miranda at, (202) 885-9234