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NLC4 Progress 12.4.15

Posted by New Leaders Council 4 Admin on December 05, 2015 at 12:22 PM
Policy and Events for the NLC Community
December 4, 2015

NLC4 Continues Alumni Deep Dive; Will Highlight Alums

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NLC4 alumni DCCC opportunity to mentor/interview DCCC Spring Fellows

  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is currently accepting applications from college students to become field organizers
  • Be on the look out for an opportunity to interview or mentor these fellows


TOMORROW: Planned Parenthood: National Day of Solidarity

  • National Day of #Solidarity is a time to gather together in the aftermath of the recent violence at Planned Parenthood’s Colorado Springs clinic, in San Bernardino, and across the country. While the main solidarity events are in Colorado and in Washington, D.C., vigils are also being held nationwide.
  • Join and invite your friends to show your support for access to safe reproductive health care:
  • December 5
  • Register:

TOMORROW: Thunderclap -  Planned Parenthood: National Day of Solidarity

  • December 5, 11:38AM MST
  • Join:

Brookings: Modernizing labor laws in the online gig economy  

  • Through technological advances, businesses today are able to connect customers to services more seamlessly than ever before. Popularly discussed as the “online gig economy,” this emerging form of labor centers on a web-based intermediary that enables workers to perform small “gigs” for a fee set by the intermediary.
  • The Hamilton Project at Brookings will host a policy forum addressing these labor market challenges in the online gig economy, with a focus on a new Hamilton Project paper, authored by Alan Krueger (Princeton University) and Seth Harris (Cornell University), released in conjunction with this event.     
  • December 9, 8:45am — 11 am est
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CAP: The Impact of Criminal Records on Children and Families

  • Nearly four decades of mass incarceration and overcriminalization have made the United States the world leader in incarceration and arrests, with some 70 million to 100 million Americans having some type of criminal record.
  • Join the Center for American Progress for a conversation about the obstacles parents with criminal records face, as well as the resulting consequences for children and families.
  • December 10, 10am - 11am est
  • Register:

DCCC: 2016 DCCC Spring Fellowship Program Accepting Application

  • Do you know a college student with a passion to elect Democrats to the House of Representatives?
  • DCCC Fellows will learn skills that will prepare them for entry level positions on political campaigns when they graduate in the spring.  These skills include mobilizing communities, organizing political events, managing campaign data, and many more.
  • Applications are due January 11
  • You can find more info here.
  • Students can apply here:

Senior Digital Fellow Beth Becker hosts digital trainings in Phoenix AZ, Nashville TN (special rate for NLC)

Intro to Digital Organizing

  • January 12-13
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Info and registration:

Social Media Strategy

  • January 14-15
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Info and registration:

Intro to Digital Organizing

  • January 19-20
  • Nashville, TN
  • Info and registration:

Social Media Strategy

  • January 21-22
  • Nashville, TN
  • Info and registration:

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Press and Features

25 NLCers currently in office or getting sworn in next month

  1. Matt Haney, School board member, San Francisco, California
  2. Alex Randolph, Trustee, San Francisco City College Board, California
  3. Shayla Nealy, Councilmember, Union City, Georgia
  4. Matt Westmoreland, School Board, Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Carlos Rosa, 35th Ward Adlerman, Chicago, Illinois
  6. Quiana McKinzey, Lavizzo Elementary School Community Representative, Chicago, Illinois
  7. Steven Jackson, Caddo Commission Member, Illinois
  8. Ted James, District 101, House of Representatives, Louisiana
  9. Marshall Archer, Ward 7 Warden, Saco, Maine
  10. Ian Cain, City Councilor, Quincy, Massachusetts
  11. Dan Futrell,School Committee Ward 2, Somerville, Massachusetts
  12. Ashli Stempel Town Councilor Precinct 8, Greenfield, Massachusetts  
  13. Michelle Cares, City Council Ward 6 , Missoula, Montana
  14. Kim Dudik, State Legislature, Montana
  15. Jen Dursky, State Legislature, Montana
  16. Ellie Hill , State Legislature, Montana
  17. Patrick Leahy, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District Board Member, Nebraska
  18. Tony Vargas, Omaha Public Schools Board of Education Member, Nebraska
  19. Olivia Zink, Ward 2 City Council, Franklin, New Hampshire
  20. David Bander, Committeeman, Plainsboro, New Jersey
  21. Sergio Granados, Freeholder, Union County New Jersey
  22. Bill Moen Jr., Freeholder, Camden County, New Jersey
  23. Greg Young, Fulton County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor, New York
  24. Jason Russell, City Council of South Euclid, Ohio
  25. James Diossa, Mayor, Central Falls, Rhode Island

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Policy and Research

Nonprofits Can Substantially Boost Voter Turnout, Study Says

RELEASE: Gun Owners Overwhelmingly Support Background Checks, See NRA as Out of Touch, New Poll Finds

Senate passes budget bill repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood

Illinois sues inmates to recoup cost of their incarceration

House leaves ‘No Child’ education law behind

New 'golden rules' of business: how to succeed in the sharing economy

Senators Who Rejected Human-Caused Climate Change Received 7 Times as Much Money from Oil and Gas Interests

Gender Equality in the Workforce Can Close the Wage Gap, the Retirement Gap and the Confidence Gap

CAP: Budget Fights Threaten the Most Vulnerable Millennial Families

Brookings: Opportunity, Responsibility, and Security - A consensus plan for reducing poverty and restoring the American dream