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NLC4 Progress 4.18.16

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Policy and Events for the NLC Community
April 18, 2016

NLC ALUMNI: Calling all NLC Fellows Capstones

  • NLC4 is gathering NLC Fellows Capstones from NLC alumni to select a few to support and further develop
  • Please submit your capstone by emailing in to

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NLC4 & NLC Detroit: Building America's Communities - A Conversation on Inequality and Opportunity

  • Detroit, MI; May 14, 10am-5:30pm
  • Conversation will provide a comparative analysis between local issues and the issues the region and the nation are facing; the conversation will convene local and national leaders and experts to critically analyze the current context of various social justice issues impacting Detroit, greater Michigan, and the midwest, and propose and share evidence based policy solutions to these challenges.
  • Highlights: Dr. Karen Weaver, Mayor of Flint, will be joining Detroit elected officials and community leaders; Tracey Ross of Cetner for American Progress will be giving a presentation on a recent community investment report; breakouts will craft action plans for taking the lessons of the day back to your community in the midwest
  • See the agenda here:

NLC4 Policy Events

  • Detroit May 14: Building America's Communities: A Conversation On Inequality and Opportunity
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    • Agenda:
  • Washington D.C. May 16: Speaker of Albania and Progressive Policy Institute
    • No cost. Save the date
  • Pittsburgh PA May 25: Dinner with Mayor Bill Peduto & Progressive Policy Institute
    • No cost. Save the date
  • Philadelphia July 25-28: Millennial Issues Forum at DNC
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  • Find events here:

NLC National Leadership Retreat - SAVE THE DATE - July 14-16, Washington D.C.

  • More info to come


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