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NLC Action Launches Coordinated Ballot Initiative Seeking AVR & Candidate Tax Return Disclosure

Posted by Dustin Robinson on April 12, 2017 at 12:23 PM

Progressive organization launches its Transparency to Run campaign, pushing automatic voter registration and candidate tax disclosure in key states 



New Leaders Council Community Action Initiative today launched its Transparency to Run campaign,, to pursue ballot initiatives in key battleground states across the country. 

It will advance two ballot initiatives. First, the TRUMP Initiative will require all statewide and federal candidates, including president, to disclose their prior five years’ federal tax returns to state officials prior to being listed on the ballot in the state. And second, its uniform Automatic Voter Registration initiative will ensure each state will automatically register all its citizens to vote. 

“It has become painfully clear that there are significant problems with our electoral process,” said NLC4 President Mark Riddle. “Too many people don’t vote because we either make it too hard to vote or they feel they can’t trust the candidates. This is unacceptable. We live in a democracy, and the right to vote must be open, secure, and free to all citizens. To fix both these problems, we are bringing these issues to the ballot box in 2018. We want voters have a say in directly fixing these issues.” 

Through these ballot initiatives, NLC Community Action Initiative and its millennial leaders are putting ideas into action. It's community members are at the forefront of public policy discussions and are committed to finding solutions to the challenges faced by this generation and ensuring good, transparent government. Following the events of recent months, the public deserves to know if elected officials standing up for the public or standing up for their bottom line. 

States enjoy broad powers to control how candidates access their ballots, and can use this power to mandate disclosure of information in the public interest. According to polling data released March 30, 2017, 58% of Americans support using ballot access rules to require disclosure of presidential candidate tax returns. Automatic voter registration (AVR) turns voter registration from an opt-in process to an opt-out process. This initiative ensures that every state uses the information is already has to register all its citizens to vote, with an option to opt-out. Both progressive and conservative states have used this system to great success.  Sixty one percent of (63%) Americans favor automatic voter registration, and hundreds of thousands of new voters have been registered in states that have adopted automatic voter registration.