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NLC Action Partners with National Democratic Training Committee

Posted by Dustin Robinson on April 25, 2017 at 12:55 PM

New Leaders Council Community Action Initiative (NLC Action) today launched an initiative with the National Democratic Training Committee to bring campaign tools and skills to progressives around the country.

“This is the time for new leaders. After waiting in the wings, post-2016 Millennial leaders have started to plan runs for office. We will be here to support them,” said NLC Action President, Mark Riddle. NLC Action has identified more than 700 members and alumni with plans to run in the next two years for seats up and down the ballot. All NLC members receive training in political campaigning and management.

“We now have a strong online partner to meet the demand of the rising Millennial candidate bloc,” Mark Riddle continued. “By collaborating with NDTC, NLC Action can concentrate on in-person strategic and tactical training to supplement NDTC’s online assistance.

“Our goal is provide quality content to Democrats who want to run for office,” said Kelly Dietrich, Founder and CEO of the National Democratic Training Committee. “It doesn’t matter if your race is big or small, we want to help. Our partnership with NLC Action ensures that we are building a bench and that we can provide truly wraparound trainings to first-time candidates. This work is critical.”

NLC Action was founded in 2014 as the advocacy arm of New Leaders Council, which has trained progressive leaders and activists since 2006 in nearly 50 chapters across the country. NLC alumni represent the future of America with 57% of its alumni identifying as non-white and 53% women. You can learn more about NLC Action at

NDTC was founded in 2016 to offer every Democratic candidate across the country, up and down the ballot, access to free online campaign training. While every race is unique, the strategies and tactics available to them are not. Through interactive courses, NDTC teaches candidates how to adapt and customize these basics to meet the goals they need to win.