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NLC Community Metrics Study

NLC Community Metrics Study

 NLC4, the action arm of the New Leaders Council brand, recently launched the first phase of a NLC Community Metrics study. The aim and mission of this advocacy organization is to achieve three main objectives: promoting and networking promising leaders; educating the progressive community on policy initiatives impacting the local and federal spheres; and, conducting research in support of NLC members and the progressive community. NLC4 is the “what’s next” for the New Leaders Council community, and the progressive movement as a whole.

This phase of the Community Metrics study is open to NLC Fellows, alumni, current and past local advisory board members, and current and past members of the NLC executive committee. This phase will have three main focuses; classify specific sectors of high volume community impact and employment; identify current rising star leaders that may desire additional, specialized training; and, through analysis, forecast areas and districts of future growth.


 This phase will focus specifically on the civic arena; future phases will be tailored to pinpoint similar data in the nonprofit, private, and labor sectors. The results of each phase will guide the development of the NLC4 Community Initiatives as well as concentrate efforts of the network on policies and members of the NLC community most needing the network’s support.

If you qualify to participate in this study, please fill out the survey here:

We look forward to sharing these results and to build the program to best support you.