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Millennial Compact with America


Millennials are at the forefront of the public discourse in our debates about the economy, social justice and how we interact with our democratic system. New Leaders Council has been leading the way for over a decade in recruiting and training the next generation of millennial leaders; now it’s time to take the next step in progress.

The Millennial Compact with America is a major project for the programming year. The Millennial Compact will be a series of policy memos and action oriented events on each of the three areas:

  • Innovating Our Economy
  • Innovating Our Communities
  • Innovating Our Democracy

These policy memos will comprise a future governing agenda written for and by millennial leaders. After the completion of the millennial compact, NLC leaders will work to take ideas and put them into action through advocacy efforts and action orientated events with stakeholders and influencers in communities around the country.