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Seeking Office

 The New Leaders Council community is very civically engaged. Fellows and Leadership of NLC often seek positions in local, state, and federal office.

You can see where these members of community are making an impact on their communities, below.

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Jeremy Addis-Mills
Communications Consultant

Peter Allen for San José City Council. Primary election day is 6/7/16    
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Teatro Visión, Managing Director

Marc Berman for California State Assembly. Election day is 7/6/16    
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Silicon Valley Education Foundation, Director of Fund Development

Letitia Clark for Tustin City Council. Election day is 11/8/16    
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Coast Community College District, District Director of Public Affairs, Marketing and Government Relations

Edwin Lindo for San Francisco County Supervisor. Election day is 10/4/16  

Elias Portales for San José City Council. Primary election day is 6/7/16    
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Josh Noblitt for GA State House District 99. Election day is 11/8/16
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Loranne Ausley for Florida State House, District 9
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The Florida Project, Founder and Chair

Andrew Korge for Florida State Senate
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Amerigo Partners, LLC, Partner

Tarance Lenoir for Hillsborough County Schoolboard District 5. Eelction day is 8/30/16    
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The Pepin Academieis, Professional Classroom Teacher

Brian Willis for Hillsborough County Commission District 6. Election day is 8/11/16        
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Shumaker, Attorn


Stephanie Ralls                    
Sustainable Business Council, Marketing


Patrick Leahy for Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District Board. Primary election day is 5/10/16; General election day is 11/8/16
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The Steier Group, Campaign Manager

Tony Vargas for Omaha Legislature. Primary election day is 5/10/16; General election day is 11/8/16
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Omaha Public Schools Board of Education Member

New York

Alessandra Biaggi                    
NYS Governor's Office of Storm Recovery, Attorney

North Carolina

Andrew Barnhill for North Carolina State Senate. Election day is 11/1/16    
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University of North Carolina System, Academic Affairs

Rhode Island

Charon Rose                    
State of Rhode Island - Office of General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, Director of Constituent Relations

South Carolina

Lauren Bilton for South Carolina Democratic Party Third Vice Chair. Election day is 4/25/15
Political Consultant


Lonnell Matthews for Councilmember, At-Large. Election day is 8/6/15        
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Metro Government of Nashville, Councilmember, District 1


Kristen Brauchle for Judge of the 11th Civil District Court in Harris County
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Brauchle Law Firm, PLLC, Harris County Tax Master

Philippe Nassif for Houston City Council At-Large Position 5. Election day is 3/11/15        
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CARE USA, Advocacy Director