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Philippe Nassif For Houston City Council At Large Position 5

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I am running for Houston City Council At-Large Position 5 for the current and future young professionals that contribute to the thriving city of Houston. For the innovators, the movers and shakers who are passionate about embracing technology and pushing Houston even further. I am running for the fun loving locals who want a better quality of life and citywide attractions that keep them in town for the weekend with friends and family. I am running for the businesses that call Houston home and fuel the local economy.

Houston is more than my home--it is the city that allowed my parents to pursue the American dream. Growing up in Houston, I have watched our city grow from a young oil town to a vibrant, diverse metropolis. Today this city is one of the most popular destinations for businesses, young graduates and families alike. But there still is a lot more we can do to make Houston the best it can be. If we are going to make sure this city’s economic growth serves its citizens, we need a strong plan for the future. That is why I am running for Houston City Council. I want to make our city a better and safer place to live, expand economic opportunity for all citizens, and, most importantly, bring Houston into the future. Join me in building one vision for our city, Houston, Texas.


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