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Posted by Matti Miranda on November 07, 2014 at 6:17 PM

Reinventors is doing exactly that--reinventing the way we think and act on our most pressing issues. By uniting thought and policy leaders, as well as activists and private sector professionals using technology in virtual roundtables, Reinventors will break geographic barriers to make sure the best and brightest can be a part of the conversation. 

Here you can learn a little more about Reinventors. 

About Reinventors

Top Innovators in Video Roundtables on How to Reinvent Our World

Reinventors gathers top innovators in virtual roundtables to work on how to fundamentally reinvent America and the world across many different fields and issues. We use the new medium of interactive group video to connect up experts, entrepreneurs and out-of-the-box thinkers from around the country and across the planet for in-depth conversations about how to solve the many challenges of our time.

Each roundtable is anchored by a remarkable innovator who poses a critical question or lays out a nascent idea about how to reinvent a field or solve a difficult problem. Then a diverse mix of other participants help answer the question, build on the idea, and solve the challenge.

The entire 90-minute session is streamed live to an engaged audience who can ask questions and add their own ideas as well. We then edit the video into a short overview like a movie trailer, and other individual pieces that can easily move through social media and reach those who want or need to know.

What’s Different: Many Minds Working Openly on Complex Challenges

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