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Terry McAuliffe is unhappy - with Democrats

Posted by Matti Miranda on November 27, 2014 at 10:22 AM

Gov. Terry McAuliffe speaks on the lack of message from the Democrats amidst certain economic recent wins. Here is an article reporting on that, published on POLITICO on November 25, 2014, by Alexander Burns.  

Clinton confidant sounds off on his party’s electoral bumbling

PETERSBURG, Va. – Don’t be fooled by the expansive grin, outstretched arms and the booming baritone with which Terry McAuliffe greets throngs of churchgoers here: The governor of Virginia is frustrated.

Not with his job in Richmond — McAuliffe says he has loved every second of it. The only problem with being governor, he laments, is that sometimes he has to sleep. If powerful Republicans have stymied McAuliffe’s legislative agenda, he takes it in stride. On his overarching goal — economic development — the governor pronounces his administration “as wildly successful as anything I could want to do.”

It’s McAuliffe’s own party that has him down.

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