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Why Whole Foods is moving into one of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago

Posted by Samantha Lewis on September 05, 2014 at 3:32 PM

A recent decision by Whole Foods is reported on in The Washington Post by Emily Badger, published on November 14, 2014. 

The company parodied as 'Whole Paycheck' tests its own business model.

CHICAGO—The center of Englewood has been vacant for so long that many people in the neighborhood can’t quite recall when it became that way. Thirty years ago? Forty? It was after blockbusting began on the South Side, after white flight was well underway, after the big Sears Roebuck, with the Hillman’s Pure Foods in the basement, closed in the 1970s.

Sometime around then, the small businesses at 63rd and Halsted closed, too, and the buildings that housed them were razed. And so one of the busiest shopping corridors in Chicago was reduced to a desolate stretch of city: 13 acres of crabgrass and concrete with aging streetlights.

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