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Why Iran Diplomacy Matters

Posted by Samantha Lewis on September 05, 2014 at 3:45 PM

International policy has a direct impact on what goes on here at home. Here Mike Breen for Truman National Security Project's Doctrine Bolg, published on November 13, 2014, discusses Iran. 

Over the past year, our nation’s diplomats have been working tirelessly to produce an agreement that will prevent both an Iranian nuclear weapon and another war in the Middle East. Keeping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is of central importance to American security – and achieving this through tough diplomacy is difficult, but possible.

Iran has been isolated from the world for decades. Thanks to the aggressive sanctions regime supported by our allies around the world, Iran was forced to the negotiating table. These talks demonstrate American strength and leadership, and they are the only action that has halted Iran’s nuclear program in years.

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